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Coating Technology

ACTION CALL: F24/024/2 Coating

Challenge:  A ‘low-’ or ‘no-’ fat coating is required to give the perception of a full fat product. Client: Global FMCG manufacturer Background: The product is fat-free and it is desirable to coat the product in such way so that, when consumed, the immediate impression is one of a full fat product. […]

Value engineering condiments

ACTION CALL: F23/317/1 Value engineering condiments.

Challenge: Identify solutions to for value engineering condiments through the use of alternative ingredients, alternative processing or supply chain reliability. Client: Global FMCG manufacturer Background: The products are a range of condiments including low pH emulsions and heated treated sauces.  Value, sustainability and supply chain security are pertinent issues that require constant […]

Powdered Beverages Mix

ACTION CALL: B23/220/2 Powdered Beverages.

Challenge: Powdered Beverages Client: Global FMCG manufacturer Background: Consumers desire fully natural, good for you, easily dissolvable, and indulgent powdered beverages. The client is looking to enable the creation of new, powdered products which exhibit these desirable characteristics through alternative, natural, ingredients and technologies which fulfil these desired characteristics. Goal: The identification […]

Cellulose Alternatives

ACTION CALL: F23/128/1 Cellulose Alternatives

Challenge: Identify alternative bulking agents to Microcrystalline Cellulose Client: Global FMCG manufacturer Background: Microcrystalline Cellulose is used as a ‘bulking agent’ and flavour carrier. The client is looking to drive its development, innovation, cost and sustainability agenda through considering ingredients and technologies which could be employed as microcrystalline cellulose alternatives. It is […]

Dairy Innovation

Dairy Innovation

The dairy sector and dairy innovation is currently considered one of the top three most innovative sectors within Europe.  Between 2022 to 2029 the dairy desserts market1 is expected to growth at a rate of 4.27% whilst the global frozen desserts sub-sector will exceed that, at CAGR of 5.5%, during […]

Seed-Oil Waste Valourisation

ACTION CALL: F22/33/1 Seed-Oil Waste.

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer and producer of seed oil, is looking to identify technologies that can valourise the process waste from its seed-oil manufacture. Seed-Oil Waste Valourisation Aurora Ceres is looking to identify processes which could be utilises to increase the value of seed-oil waste. This by-product, […]

Texture and Mouthfeel

Texture and Mouthfeel in Food and Beverages

Hydrocolloids The sensory enjoyment of food and drink is an holistic experience, and is achieved through the combination of all its organoleptic qualities including the texture and mouthfeel.  To achieve, enhance, modify or stabilise the specific texture or mouthfeel of a product, functional ingredients such as gels, thickeners or stabilizers […]

Noodle Production Technology

ACTION CALL: F22/32/1 Noodle Production Technology

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to identify technologies or manufacturing processes that can support its development of a hydrocolloid-based food product through the formation of strands or noodles. Hydrocolloid strand or noodle production technology. Aurora Ceres is looking to identify processes which would allow for the […]

Dairy-free Development

Dairy-free development

The success of dairy ingredients In Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking – The Science and Lore of the Kitchen”, milk and dairy products hold the pride of place as Chapter 1.  This is no co-incidence as dairy has, and still forms, a significant part of the diet.  The main […]

Plant-Based Dairy

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives and Analogues

In late 2021 Aurora Ceres presented two macro trends that are set to dictate the shape of the food and beverage industry through 2022 and beyond. These trends are Personal Health and Planet Health. In ACP’s most recent article, these macro trends were viewed through the prism of the opportunities […]