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Food Manufacturing 4.0

Food Manufacturing 4.0 ACTION Ref:  F/15/250/1  Summary Our client, a leading supplier of leading edge food processing technology solutions, has recognised the significance of the concept of Food Manufacturing 4.0.  They are now looking to engage with progressive food and beverage manufacturing companies wishing to revolutionise the way in which […]

Food Manufacturing 4.0. Achieving Ultra Yields in Chilled Food

Food Manufacturing 4.0.  Achieving Ultra Yields in Chilled Food   Imagine a chilled food production line that delivers ultra-yields (sub 1% losses), welcome to Food Manufacturing 4.0 The UK is recognised as the world leader in chilled food production with c£10Bn annual sales yet inherent process problems mean manufacturers typically […]

Food Manufacturing 4.0 – Paperless systems help ensure food safety

Food Manufacturing 4.0- Going paperless to Ensure Food Safety Over 1,650 metric tonnes of paper is used every year in UK food manufacturing. Paperwork is the core component of any Quality Management System from recipes, through specifications to on line quality control checks, quality assurance audits, hygiene audits, metal detector […]

Patented ColdBake Technology

ACTION Ref: F/15/224/1 Patented ColdBake Technology Summary Our client, an innovative bioscience research company is seeking suitable applications for their patented ColdBake technology. ColdBake technology enables crunchy food end products components to be produced in such a way that allows for the incorporation and delivery of heat sensitive additives such […]