Press Release.   18th July 2022. 

Announcing the Strategic Alliance of The Aurora Ceres© Partnership and Knechtel, Inc., US.

The Aurora Ceres© Partnership Ltd, UK is delighted to announce the launch of a strategic alliance with Knechtel Inc., USA. This collaboration brings together a synergistic range of services and capabilities to help drive innovation in the food, confectionery, pharma, and beverage industries.

Established in 2015, The Aurora Ceres® Partnership Ltd (ACP) offers dynamic solutions, utilising its associate network, to fast-track innovation in the food, beverage and associated industries. ACP employs its bespoke ACTIONTM Technology Scouting process and trendACTION TM insights to help product developers and food and drink manufacturers enable the trends and solve challenges today, for tomorrow’s world.

ACP aligns five decades of business process, NPD, project management and innovation management expertise. This, combined with front-line consultancy experience across major industry sectors, and significantly food and drink manufacture, means that ACP is uniquely placed to enable incremental through to step-change innovation.

Knechtel, Inc. is one of the largest full-service international consulting firms supporting Innovation and Product Development from ideation through commercialization since 1957. Its 27,000 sq² pilot facility and in-house equipment enables Knechtel to support product development initiatives from preliminary bench-top, to scale-up, and full commercial production runs.

Knechtel, Inc. approaches and reviews each project individually to co-develop a custom approach thereby meeting the products’ and client’s specific needs and time table.

This partnership aims to bring an enhanced range of knowledge, experience, capabilities and services to both The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd and Knechtel clients’, and strengthen the trans-Atlantic footprints of each organisation.

Together, the Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization needs of a NEW PRODUCT can efficiently and cost effectively be met.

The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd. 
The Corby Enterprise Centre, London Road, Corby. NN18 8DD. UK.
Contact: E: Steve Osborn.  [email protected]
Tel: +44 (0)7956 144188

Knechtel, Inc.
7341 Hamlin Ave., Skokie, IL 60076. US
Contact : E: Robert Boutin.  [email protected]
Tel: (847) 673-4477

The Aurora Ceres® Partnership Ltd helps the food and beverage industry develop better products for a better future.

Aurora Ceres® exists to support sustainable food & beverage industry innovation. ACP recognises that meaningful and coordinated changes need to be made at every step of the product development process to meet the very real needs and concerns of consumers and the environment. From incremental improvements through to disruptive technologies, ACP employs its bespoke ACTION Technology Scouting process and trendACTION insights to help product developers and food and drink manufacturers solve challenges today, for tomorrow’s world.

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AURORA CERES® is a UK registered trade mark of The Aurora Ceres Partnership Limited.