Innovation Management

Building on the ACTION activities, ACP helps its clients visualise and execute their innovation plans through structured innovation management. The distillation of the broad technology landscape into a focussed and filtered data-set is then used to inform the future technology road-map and implementation strategy.

The components of this innovation management undertaking include:Innovation Management

Focus and Filter

  • Focussed ‘Deep-Dives’ providing a richer vein of solutions.
  • Evaluation of technology readiness.
  • Feeding the development of your Company’s technology road-map.

Expanding Capability

  • Identification of leading experts.
  • Identification and evaluation of commercialisation partners.
  • Sourcing and project management of prototyping and initial development.

Managing Innovation Portals

  • Co-ordinate innovation challenges and themes across all OI activity.
  • Validate portal responses against technologies proactively identified through ACTION.
  • Establish anonymous first contact for sourcing ingredients and technologies.