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Value engineering condiments

ACTION CALL: F23/317/1 Value engineering condiments.

Challenge: Identify solutions to for value engineering condiments through the use of alternative ingredients, alternative processing or supply chain reliability. Client: Global FMCG manufacturer Background: The products are a range of condiments including low pH emulsions and heated treated sauces.  Value, sustainability and supply chain security are pertinent issues that require constant […]

Cellulose Alternatives

ACTION CALL: F23/128/1 Cellulose Alternatives

Challenge: Identify alternative bulking agents to Microcrystalline Cellulose Client: Global FMCG manufacturer Background: Microcrystalline Cellulose is used as a ‘bulking agent’ and flavour carrier. The client is looking to drive its development, innovation, cost and sustainability agenda through considering ingredients and technologies which could be employed as microcrystalline cellulose alternatives. It is […]

Sustainable Plastic Alternatives

ACTION CALL: F22/284/2 Sustainable plastic alternatives.

Challenge: Sustainable alternatives to plastic at every step of the supply chain Client: Global agricultural producer Background: The use of plastic underpins every part of the agricultural supply chain, from seedling pots, to retail stickers on produce. Alternative solutions to date have included the use of card, and also bioplastics; both of […]


ACTION Call F22/196/1: Prochloraz Alternative

Our client, a global agricultural producer, is looking to identify new and emerging technologies that will serve as a suitable prochloraz alternative. There are a number of diseases that affect avocados in particular, which are caused by a range of fungi, which infect the fruit at any point in its development, […]


Avocados – The need for prochloraz alternatives

The Avocados Market Global exports of avocados declined slightly in 2020 by an estimated 0.8% against the previous year due largely to the global pandemic, which affected supply chains, as well as a poor harvest in Mexico which represents the largest avocado growing territory. Pandemics aside, avocados are predicted to […]

Feeding 9 Billion

New Breeding Technologies- Feeding the 9 Billion

The following article considers the impending food security issues and how the impact of factors such as a growing population, soil nutrient depletion and climate change need to be urgently considered and how new and emerging technologies could provide some of the solutions. The topics discussed include: (i) Food Insecurity; […]

Renewed NPD Priorities

Renewed NPD Priorities

Whilst the Covid pandemic is not yet a mere memory, the frightening reality of current global events and their significant propagating and synergistic impacts are now starting to be understood, so this could be the right time to consider renewed NPD priorities. Notwithstanding the very real horrors afflicting specific populations, […]

Seed-Oil Waste Valourisation

ACTION CALL: F22/33/1 Seed-Oil Waste.

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer and producer of seed oil, is looking to identify technologies that can valourise the process waste from its seed-oil manufacture. Seed-Oil Waste Valourisation Aurora Ceres is looking to identify processes which could be utilises to increase the value of seed-oil waste. This by-product, […]

Plastic Alternatives

ACTION CALL: F22/14/1 Plastic Alternatives

A global food and beverage brand is looking at identifying suitable plastic alternatives components for its portfolio if dips and sauces. With global concerns around non- biodegradable and non-compostable plastic materials and the impact that such materials have on the environment, our client is looking to replace the plastic components […]


ACTION CALL F21/340/1 – Nano-Emulsions in Agriculture

Our client, a global agricultural producer and food and beverage manufacturer, is looking for expertise and advancements in the delivery of active components to a wide range of tree fruits. Research has indicated that the application of Nano-Emulsions to fruit products, either pre- or post- harvest, can be an effective and […]