ACTION Call F22/196/1: Prochloraz Alternative

Our client, a global agricultural producer, is looking to identify new and emerging technologies that will serve as a suitable prochloraz alternative.

There are a number of diseases that affect avocados in particular, which are caused by a range of fungi, which infect the fruit at any point in its development, and manifests itself during the storage and ripening phase. For example, anthracnose and stem-end-rot.

In recent years, the post-harvest product, Prochloraz, provided a very effective solution, applied to the fruit as a post-harvest dip. Concerns regarding the toxicological properties of Prochloraz and the threat that it poses to human safety, has resulted in its permission for use in the EU being removed.

A prochloraz alternative is required which satisfies the following requirements:

  • A permitted post-harvest treatment.
  • A natural bioactive.
  • A coating able to incorporate widely accepted natural bioactives.
  • Sustainable. 

Any treatment or technology submitted must:

  • Permit respiration, to allow the fruit to ripen properly,
  • Approved for use in food and drink applications.

Traditional, emerging and existing ingredients and technologies will all be considered, as will all stages of  technology readiness; from early stage research and development to commercially available solutions. However of most interest are more mature treatments or technology due to the urgency of this issue within the industry.

Prochloraz Alternative Responses

All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout ([email protected]), with a subject line ACTION ref:  F22/196/1 Prochloroaz Alternative, detailing:

  • A summary of the process or technology.
  • Any technical or application limitations.
  • Commercial availability.
  • Summary of validation in food and drink application.
  • Contact details.

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