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Plastic Alternatives

ACTION CALL: F22/14/1 Plastic Alternatives

A global food and beverage brand is looking at identifying suitable plastic alternatives components for its portfolio if dips and sauces. With global concerns around non- biodegradable and non-compostable plastic materials and the impact that such materials have on the environment, our client is looking to replace the plastic components […]

Dairy-free Development

Dairy-free development

The success of dairy ingredients In Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking – The Science and Lore of the Kitchen”, milk and dairy products hold the pride of place as Chapter 1.  This is no co-incidence as dairy has, and still forms, a significant part of the diet.  The main […]

Plant-Based Dairy

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives and Analogues

In late 2021 Aurora Ceres presented two macro trends that are set to dictate the shape of the food and beverage industry through 2022 and beyond. These trends are Personal Health and Planet Health. In ACP’s most recent article, these macro trends were viewed through the prism of the opportunities […]