ACTION CALL: F24/170/1 Inert Filler

Challenge: To identify natural materials, that can be incorporated into a powder based food product, to act as an inert filler, increase the bulk density and act as as a carrier for active ingredients with little or minimal interaction with other ingredients or functional components.

Client: Global FMCG manufacturer

Background: Increasing the bulk density of a product can provide essential benefit to the performance of the product. This can include enhancing the flow characteristics of the dry powder, alter the filling properties, enhance the visual appeal, alter the sensory experience, help manage cost and enable other value opportunities through acting as carriers for active ingredients.

Goal: These inert filler materials will enhance the functional properties of the products by acting as carriers or excipients for active ingredients, through maximising or controlling their delivery.

Inert Filler

Ingredients of interest are those which satisfy the following requirements:

  • Particle size between 50um and 500um.
  • Bulk density greater than 0.25 g/ml.
  • Permitted for use in food.
  • Colourless, odourless and tasteless.
  • Recognisable ingredients and generally considered as ‘clean label’ or ‘natural’
  • Insoluble or sparingly soluble.
  • Make no, or little, nutritional contribution.

It is expected that solutions will be ‘commodity’ ingredients and may be typically considered as a bulk fillers in the food and drink industry, but also act as excipients, carriers or tabletting substrate in the Nutraceutical or Pharmaceutical sector.


Commercially available ingredients and early stage developments are of equal interest for this project.

All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout ([email protected]), with a subject line F24/170/1 Inert Filler detailing:

  • A summary of the technology and its parameters.
  • The technical or application limitations.
  • Details of the territories or countries where its use is permitted.
  • Commercial availability.
  • Environmental and Sustainability credentials
  • Contact details.

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