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Food Production for Tomorrow’s World

It’s a widely reported fact that the amount of energy required to produce food exceeds the energy derived from that food. When the prevalent diet is meat-based, as in the Western world, then this inequality increases. In a world with a growing population and the subsequent pressure on natural resources, […]

To Innovation, With love

Generally speaking, managers of chemistry laboratories operating in the contract food testing sector prefer a simple life. It is a highly competitive industry in which there is a strong requirement for efficient and cost-effective analysis. This leads to an emphasis towards rugged and widely applicable methods allied to process control, […]

Sugar Replacement

ACTION CALL: B16/308/1 – Sugar Reduction Technology

ACTION ref: B16/308/1 – Sugar Reduction Technology We are currently working with a UK based food and beverage company, who, because of growing concern over the health impact of sugar in foods, a requirement to declare added sugar on labels in the US and the UK Government Obesity Strategy is looking to […]