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Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

Over the last few weeks Aurora Ceres has been discussing some of the key global issues, how these are fuelling Consumer Anxiety and what this means for innovation and NPD. It is also important to consider the impact the current situation is having, and will have, on food and supply […]

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Well-being

Food Innovation for health and well-being in a post-COVID world Last time ACP opened the discussion regarding the food industry’s response to the new-normal landscape that we find ourselves in. You can find the introductory article on feeding consumer anxiety here. Life remains in a state of flux and this […]

Consumer Anxiety

Feeding Consumer Anxiety.

The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd invites you to join the conversation about what society will need from the food industry in the post-COVID world. This series of blogs will explore the consumer anxiety it brings, and how the industry needs to react. Our new-normal period looks bleak. Potential record levels […]

Mindful Product Development

Mindful Product Development – Out with the old, in with the even older!

Everything goes full circle. When fashions resurface, which they invariably do, they are embellished by the younger generations in order to validate them, whilst the older amongst us will smile and nod knowingly. It is interesting that the key underlying trend, across all product sectors, be they food, clothing or […]

Food Industry Trends

Food Industry Trends

It’s always fascinating to look at the wide array of food industry trends that are announced each year and try to understand the public opinion or technology behind those trends that has enabled them or brought them to prominence.  Often these trends have been lingering in the background for many […]

Natural Materials

Stewardship in Food and Drink Technology

There is little doubt that the food and drink industry is a hi-tech industry.  Technology, and by this we encompass the broad definition of technology including; ingredients, enabling technologies, manufacturing and processing technologies, is fundamentally responsible for helping ingredient companies and finished product manufacturers meet the needs of the consumers. […]

Food Industry Trends

ACTION CALL: B18/281/1 Beauty From Within

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to develop product that provide a enhanced perception of ‘beauty from within’.  ACP is looking to identify ingredients or technologies that can enhance the perception of beauty through the consumption of food and beverage products. Beauty From Within ACP is currently […]

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ACTION: B18/212/1 – Stress Management

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to identify new and emerging ingredients and technologies that can help with stress management and the negative impact of a hectic lifestyle. Stress Management ACP is currently looking to understand the new and emerging solutions for stress management. The primary needs […]

Food Industry Experts

ACTION CALL: B17/180/ 2– Naturally flavoured

Naturally Flavoured We are currently working with a global food and beverage company, who is looking to identify ingredients, processes and technologies that can provide a range of fresh and naturally flavoured products to their product range.  Naturally flavoured beverages, in this context, are those that have been flavoured with the fruit, […]

Food Industry Experts

ACTION CALL: B17/129/2 Disruptive Food and Drink Technology

Disruptive food and drink technology We are currently working with a global food and beverage company, who is looking to identify disruptive food and drink technology, ingredients or packaging that can provide an exciting and modern edge to their product range. Scope Our client needs to maintain pace with not […]