ACTION CALL F21/52/1 Waste Valourisation

Food wastage, and as a result, the desire for effective waste valourisation, is an important issue within the whole of the food production chain. Our client, a global agricultural producer and food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to address the challenge of food waste within its supply chain. From the moment that fruit crops are harvested, avoidable and unavoidable food wastage is incurred. Whilst all efforts are in place to minimise the production of such waste, our client is looking to explore opportunities to add or create value from this waste and in doing so re-claim much of the nutrition that is ultimately lost. This will reframe the perception of the waste-stream as a by-product. The waste-stream in question is typical of an exotic fruit focussed agricultural producer and consists of fruit stones, skins, and damaged crops.

Waste Valourisation.

To reclaim the value of the nutrition that would otherwise be lost, it is recognised that any waste created throughout the supply chain must undergo additional processing. The process steps undertaken must produce an ingredient or product in such a state that its perceived value is increased over and above existing waste distribution channels such as composting. The waste valorisation processes that would be considered, include, but are not limited to:

  • Extraction of functional components.
  • Processing to achieve more accessible or usable components e.g. fermentation.
  • Processing to allow incorporation into other products e.g. baked goods, cereal bars etc.
  • Processes that enable extraction or re-purposing of specific components for non-food use. e.g. fibres for clothing, packaging material etc.

Early stage research and development are of particular interest for all aspects of this project however commercially available solutions will also be considered. It is not expected that all solutions will be for food use, and utilisation in non-food application is also of interest


All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout ([email protected]), with a subject line F21/52/1 Waste Valourisation, detailing:

  • A summary of the technology and its parameters.
  • The technical or application limitations.
  • Manufacturing capabilities and locations.
  • Contact details.

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