ACTION CALL: B17/324/ 1–Sleep and Relaxation

Sleep and Relaxation Summary

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to identify ingredients or technologies that can assist with Sleep and Relaxation.


The primary needs are:

  • Ingredients or technologies that help support healthy sleep.
  • Ingredients or technologies that help individuals wake feeling refreshed and healthy.
  • Ingredients or technologies that can aid relaxation after periods of intense concentration or excitement.

Key considerations:

  • Solutions are not limited to ‘ingredients’.  Our client is also interested in platforms, services  or technologies that can help aid relaxation and sleep.

Processes and technologies at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7+ will be prioritised.  However, those that can achieve TRL 9 within a 2-year horizon will be considered.


All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout (, with a subject line ACTION ref:  B17/324/1 Sleep and Relaxation detailing:

  • A summary of the process or technology.
  • Any technical or application limitations.
  • Commercial availability.
  • Summary of validation in food and drink application.
  • Contact details.


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