ACTION CALL F21/53/1 Hydrocolloids

Hydrocolloids and gels are essential components of food and beverage matrices. In order to maximise their potential it is important to understand key parameters, such as : (i) How actives such as flavour or functional components are bound within the gel structure; (ii) Processing parameters that influence the overall structure of the gel, and; (iii) How the properties of the hydrocolloid structure can be manipulated in order to maximise the consumer benefits. In order to achieve such a detailed understanding of a unique matrix, Aurora Ceres is looking to develop a network of experts and knowledge partners, on behalf of its client, to help in the evolution of an innovative product platform.


The primary needs of the client are to establish a network which can help them achieve a greater degree of understanding with regard to their hydrocolloid product platform and facilitate future innovation. The knowledge partner network is likely comprise of academics, consultants, institutes and technical experts. The key questions to be addressed are:

  • What are the mechanisms that allow active components such as flavours to be encapsulated within a hydrocolloid system?
  • How the performance of an active component in a hydrocolloid system be predicted?
  • How can these mechanisms be controlled to maximise the potential of the hydrocolloid system?
  • How can these parameters be measured?

The expertise to address these question may be derived from:

  • Existing knowledge or academic expertise.
  • Laboratory or analytical capability to characterise hydrocolloid systems.
  • Available facilities and capability to research key elements of hydrocolloid system.


In order to participate in the hydrocolloids expert network, Aurora Ceres request that any academics, consultants, institutes and technical experts respond to Technology Scout (, with a subject line F21/53/1 Hydrocolloids  detailing:

  • A summary of their expertise
  • Evidence of the support that can be provided e.g. publications, lab facilities etc .
  • Current location.
  • Contact details.

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