ACTION CALL: F21/172/2 Remote Sensing

Our client, a global agricultural producer and food and beverage manufacturer, is looking for expertise and advancements in the development of remote sensing technologies for fruit and vegetables. The scale of production of agricultural crops makes manual inspection processes and protocols time consuming and costly. To overcome this and deliver reproducible quality to the consumer remote sensing technologies are being adopted to enable farmers to monitor critical parameters.

A key component of the success of remote sensing is the availability and reliability of appropriate sensors that can be incorporated into remote sensing hardware such as drones.

Remote Sensing

Our client is looking to identify new and emerging technologies that can provide a step-change in non-destructive, remote evaluation of fruit and vegetables. The sensing capabilities of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • prevalence of disease.
  • prevalence of pests.
  • stage of ripening.
  • atmospheric conditions.

The technologies utilised to deliver effective and reliable sensing can include, but are not limited to:

  • automated vehicles.
  • drones.
  • satellite technology.
  • hand-held devices and scanners.

Early stage research and development are of particular interest for all aspects of this project however to commercially available solutions will also be considered.


All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout ([email protected]), with a subject line F21/172/2 Remote Sensing, detailing:

  • A summary of the technology and its parameters.
  • The technical or application limitations.
  • Manufacturing capabilities and locations.
  • Contact details.

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