F19/281/1 Gel Depositing Technology

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to identify ‘Gel Depositing Technologies’ that can accurately deposit small volumes of a viscous gel material.

Gel depositing Technologies

Aurora Ceres is looking to identify gel depositing technologies that can, or can be adapted, to deposit accurate quantities of a viscous hydro-colloid gel material containing a functional ingredient.

The primary needs are technologies and delivery platforms that can deposit small discs of a self-setting hydro-colloid gel material within the following parameters:

  • Hydro-colloid viscosity to 60,000 cP.
  • Diameter <10mm diameter.
  • Thickness <2mm.
  • Volume ~150 mm3.

Any process or technology submitted must be:

  • Approved for use in food and drink applications.
  • Demonstrated at pilot or trial scale.

Traditional, emerging and existing processes and technologies will all be considered, as will all stages of  technology readiness; from early stage research and development to commercially available solutions.


All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout ([email protected]), with a subject line ACTION ref:  F19/281/1 Gel Depositing Technology detailing:

  • A summary of the process or technology.
  • Any technical or application limitations.
  • Commercial availability.
  • Summary of validation in food and drink application.
  • Contact details.

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