Helping the food and beverage industry develop better products.

The Aurora Ceres® Partnership Ltd offers
food technology scouting,
 innovation management and business support for food and beverage innovation.

Food Technology Scouting: ACP has a respected food and beverage innovation profile and a valued reputation in open innovation network development. We provide agile, entrepreneurial and, when required, anonymous solution seeking. Our extensive, multi-disciplined network, encompassing academics and emerging technologies through to established manufacturing giants, is being continually strengthened through proactive engagement. Using anonymous multi-channelled communications and multiple rephrased briefs, we engage our network to realise an enlarged solution space and provide our clients with the freedom to explore the boundaries of concepts.

Food Technology Shouting: ACP is always actively looking for new and emerging technologies, to provide solutions to our food and beverage clients. The technologies of interest are not limited to food and beverage technology, but encompass any technology from adjacent or analogous industries that could be transferred to the food and beverage sector.

Innovation Management: Enabled by the food technology scouting and shouting activities, ACP helps its clients visualise and execute their innovation. We help facilitate the development of technology road-maps, identify leading experts, processes and technologies, and evaluate technology readiness and commercialisation partners.

Business SupportTechnical and innovation leadership can be the difference between you and competitors. As food industry experts, ACP can supply ongoing technical business support and project management to complement your team or on an interim basis.

AURORA CERES® is a UK registered trade mark of The Aurora Ceres Partnership Limited.