ACTION CALL: B16/308/1 – Sugar Reduction Technology

ACTION ref: B16/308/1 – Sugar Reduction Technology

We are currently working with a UK based food and beverage company, who, because of growing concern over the health impact of sugar in foods, a requirement to declare added sugar on labels in the US and the UK Government Obesity Strategy is looking to identify the next generation of sugar reduction technologies and ingredients that will define the future of food and beverage products.


This brief is seeking raw materials, ingredients or technologies that can reduce the ‘added sugar’ content and in doing so enhance the health and well-being proposition of the product.  Of interest are solutions that can:

  • Maintain the carbohydrate content
  • Retain the structural properties
  • Mask undesirable sensory characteristics associated with sugar/sweetness reduction such as enhanced bitterness

Suitable solutions must be able to be further processed into food and drink applications.

Ingredients pending regulatory approval; Novel, GRAS etc. will be considered, but clear guidelines on estimated approval times must be given.

Ingredients not currently in use in food and beverage applications, but with potential for new category exploitation will be considered.


All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout (, with a subject line ACTION ref:  B16/308/1 detailing:

  • A summary of the raw material, ingredient or technology
  • Commercial availability
  • Suitability for food and drink application
  • Contact details

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