Technology Scouting

ACTION -Technology Scouting for the food and drink industry

ACTION Technology Scouting

As food and drink experts, The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd understand that finding the right ingredients and the right technology for your product or the right applications for your innovation can be time consuming.  With our extensive network of industry and academic contacts we are able to make that process more efficient.  ACP can help you solve these challenges.

Whether you have a technology or a solution, we are there to help you take ‘ACTION’ to find the right application or technology.  We will then utilise recognised technology and commercial readiness scoring to help you evaluate and filter the ‘long list’ into something a little more manageable and realistic.

ACP will undertake a multi-faceted food and beverage technology scouting approach to ensure that a broad exposure is achieved, and the right solution or application is found. This can be completed on an open or completely confidential and anonymous basis.

We will always tailor the scope of our food and beverage technology scouting activity to suit your needs and budget. The primary mechanisms we employ are:


ACTION technology scouting for the food and beverage industry


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