ACTION CALL: F20/250/2 Reducing plastic packaging

Our client, a global agricultural producer and food and beverage manufacturer, is looking into technologies which can assist their efforts of reducing plastic packaging across the organisation. The product range is broad so any solutions to remove or reduce the use of single use plastics are of interest.

Reducing plastic packaging

One of the significant challenges is the removal or replacement of plastic within food retail products. Packaging provides a wide range of functions from protecting the product, extending the shelf life, enhancing the food safety and providing a surface to display the essential regulatory information. Single use plastics have been highlighted as a significant issue, with regard to sustainability, and efforts of being made throughout the food and beverage sector to replace these components. However it is essential that these replacement do not undermine the principal function of the packaging material.

The technologies of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-plastic alternatives to single use plastic – rigid or flexible materials.
  • Fully compostable plastic alternatives.
  • Film technology.
  • Protective shelf life enhancement technologies.

Early stage research and development are of particular interest for all aspects of this project however to commercially available solutions will also be considered.


All solutions must be submitted to Technology Scout (, with a subject line ACTION CALL: F20/250/2 Reducing plastic packaginge, detailing:

  • A summary of the technology and its parameters.
  • The technical or application limitations.
  • Manufacturing capabilities and locations.
  • Contact details.

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