Patented ColdBake Technology

ACTION Ref: F/15/224/1

Patented ColdBake Technology


Our client, an innovative bioscience research company is seeking suitable applications for their patented ColdBake technology. ColdBake technology enables crunchy food end products components to be produced in such a way that allows for the incorporation and delivery of heat sensitive additives such as functional nutrients, supplements, vitamins or medicines.

Our client is seeking companies committed to developing new healthy food products and those which are looking to deliver nutritional and medical supplements in readily consumable food formats. Also of particular interest are food ingredient manufacturing companies and process plant equipment companies.


The market sector which have been identified as having potential applications include:

  • Nutraceuticals & Functional FoodsColdBake technology
  • Medical Foods & Pharmaceuticals, including Vaccines
  • Dietary & Health Supplements
  • Snack Foods & Confectionery
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Animal Feeds & Veterinary Products
  • Food Ingredients

A typical partner within these categories is likely to be.coldbake

  • Ambitious
  • Agile
  • Shared ‘Health & Wellness’ vision
  • Seeking new ‘niche’ product
  • Established reputation & channels to market


All communication to be sent Steve Osborn (, with a subject line ACTION ref: F/15/224/1, Patented ColdBake Technology  detailing

  • Application details
  • Commercial Availability
  • Range of application suitability and limitations
  • Contact details