ACTION CALL: B/16/117/1 Foam and Aeration

foam in cup closeFood Technology Scouting


Our client, a global food and beverage company, is looking to identify the next generation of technologies and ingredients that will define the future of the food and beverage industry.

Of particular interest are ingredients that can help produce foam and aeration in food and beverages. Aeration of products and ‘foams’ can contribute to a range of desirable effects from innovative textures, novel taste experience, reduced calorie density and increase satiety effects.  Foam stability in this instance is of particular importance.

ScopeAeration and Foam

This brief is seeking raw materials that have, or can potentially have, the ability to develop stable foams in food and beverage applications.

Ingredients pending regulatory approval; Novel, GRAS etc. will be considered, but clear guidelines on estimated approval times must be given.

Ingredients not currently in use in food and beverage applications, but with potential for new category exploitation will be considered.


All solutions must be submitted, by Friday 20th May, to, with a subject line:

 ACTION ref:  B/16/117/1 Foam and Aeration

Please include the following details to enable an initial evaluation:

  • A summary of the raw material, its functionality and the mechanism by which the foam is created.
  • Commercial Availability
  • Suitability for food and drink application
  • Contact details