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Delayed Release

ACTION CALL: F21/206/1 Delayed Release

A global food and beverage brand is looking to enhance the functionality of its products through the application of controlled or delayed release technology. Controlling the release of functional components in food and drink products is beneficial as it allows the design of products in such a way that the […]

Texture in Beverages

ACTION CALL: B21/206/2 Texture in Beverages

A global food and beverage brand is looking to enhance the sensory profile of its products through enhancement of the texture in beverages within its range. Sensory perception is holistic and key aspects of the product profile can be enhanced through manipulation of other sensory attributes. Texture in beverages, for […]

Gut Health

ACTION CALL: B21/137/1 Gut Health

As part of its innovation strategy, Aurora Ceres’ client, a global food and beverage brand is exploring the opportunities around gut health and looking to introduce ingredients into its products that can enable functional benefits. A key part of this strategy is to use ingredients which support the consumers gut […]


ACTION CALL F21/53/1 Hydrocolloids

Hydrocolloids and gels are essential components of food and beverage matrices. In order to maximise their potential it is important to understand key parameters, such as : (i) How actives such as flavour or functional components are bound within the gel structure; (ii) Processing parameters that influence the overall structure […]

Consumer Anxiety

Feeding Consumer Anxiety.

The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd invites you to join the conversation about what society will need from the food industry in the post-COVID world. This series of blogs will explore the consumer anxiety it brings, and how the industry needs to react. Our new-normal period looks bleak. Potential record levels […]

Solid Beverage

ACTION CALL: B19/350/1 Solid Beverage

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking technologies that can make a cold refreshing beverage from a solid format Solid Beverage As part of the on-going drive to innovate within the soft drink sector, our client is looking to identify ingredients and technologies that enables the manufacture of […]

Sugar Replacement

ACTION Call: F19/331/1 Sugar Replacement

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to identify sugar replacement technologies that can be utilised as a party replacement for sugar in whole or in part. Sugar Replacement Technologies The primary needs are ingredients, technologies or delivery platforms that can provide a replacement for sugar in a […]

Food Industry Trends

Food Industry Trends

It’s always fascinating to look at the wide array of food industry trends that are announced each year and try to understand the public opinion or technology behind those trends that has enabled them or brought them to prominence.  Often these trends have been lingering in the background for many […]

Authentic flavour

ACTION CALL: B19/135/3 Authentic flavour

Our client, a global food and beverage manufacturer, is looking to develop a beverage product from which all the taste is derived from ingredients or materials that are naturally rich in taste components to deliver an authentic flavour. This will overcome the need to flavour or declare flavourings on pack. Authentic […]