Beverage Technology – Liquid Nourishment


liquid nourishment

ACTION Ref: B/15/146/1 -Beverage Technology – Liquid Nourishment


Our client is seeking suitable ingredients & technologies that can be applied to liquid nourishment products (drinkable snacks).

The liquid nourishment product shall be ‘ready to drink’ products that are designed to enhance wellbeing through delivery of balanced nutrition and satisfy hunger to an ‘on the go’ consumer. Liquid nourishment should be thought of as providing ‘convenient nutrition’ in a beverage format.

The nutritional profile of such ingredients should aim to satisfy the nutrition needs of a broad consumer profile and provide a meal replacement in liquid form.

The brief is to identify ingredients or technologies that can be utilised to achieve this and identify any claims that they may support.


The raw materials and ingredients to achieve this must be suitable for beverage application.

Ingredients pending regulatory approval; Novel, GRAS etc will be considered, but clear guidelines on estimated approval times must be given.

Ingredients not currently in use in beverage applications, but with potential for new category exploitation will be considered.

Early stage technology will be considered. The client is prepared to enter into partnership agreements with fledgling technology and solutions to bring new ingredients to market.


All solutions must be submitted to Steve Osborn (, with a subject line ACTION ref: B/15/146/1 by Friday 26th June 2015 detailing:

  1. A summary of the ingredient or technology and its functionality
  2. Commercial Availability
  3. Range of application suitability and limitations
  4. Contact details