Beverage Technology – Fun and Play

Technology Scouting. ACTION ref: B_15_104_2 ACTION Ref: B/15/104/1 Beverage technology-FUN and PLAY ingredients Summary Our client is seeking to revolutionise the under 16 beverage market through delivery of innovative and exciting products. A key element of this revolution is to enhance a child’s engagement with their drink and make the consumption experience fun and engaging, introduce an element of play, whilst encouraging hydration. The brief is to identify raw materials and new beverage technology that can be utilised to achieve this. Scope The raw materials and ingredients to achieve this must be suitable for soft drink application. Ingredients pending regulatory approval; Novel, GRAS etc will be considered, but clear guidelines on estimated approval times must be given. Ingredients not currently in use in beverage applications, but with potential for new category exploitation will be considered. Early stage technology will be considered. The client is prepared to enter into partnership agreements with fledgling technology and solutions to bring new ingredients to market. Whilst this is not a packaging brief per se, packaging solutions to deliver novel beverage experiences may be considered. Any ingredients containing alcohol, high caffeine levels or artificial colours will be discounted. Simple flavour variation is out of scope. Responses All solutions must be submitted to Steve Osborn (, with a subject line ACTION ref: B/15/104/1 by Friday 8th May 2015 detailing:

  1. A summary of the technology and its functionality
  2. Commercial Availability
  3. Suitability for soft drink applications
  4. Contact details