ACTION ref: F16/69/3 – Convenience

Food Technology Scouting

Our client, a global ingredient company, is looking to identify the next generation of technologies and ingredients that will define the future of the food and beverage industry.

Modern life is such that convenience and on the go nutrition continue to be a major factor.  From breakfast through to evening meals there is an ever growing demand for foods that deliver variety, quality and nutrition as well as a growing emphasis on novel flavours and experiences.  This needs requires a focus on the new and emerging technologies and ingredients that /will deliver. Our client is seeking new technology and alternative ingredients that can help deliver greater convenience.


The brief is broad and encompasses all technologies, processes and raw materials that have, or can potentially have, food and beverage industry applications.

Ingredients pending regulatory approval; Novel, GRAS etc will be considered, but clear guidelines on estimated approval times must be given.

Ingredients not currently in use in food and beverage applications, but with potential for new category exploitation will be considered.

Early stage technology will be considered.  The client is prepared to enter into partnership agreements with fledgling technology and solutions to bring new ingredients to market.


All solutions must be submitted to, with a subject line ACTION ref:  B/16/69/3, Convenience  by Friday 15th April 2016 detailing:

  • A summary of the technology and its functionality
  • Commercial Availability
  • Suitability for any food and drink application
  • Contact details

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